Tools & Techniques For Community Recovery And Renewal


This is a catalogue of over 60 specific methods that communities have used to enhance their economic and social well-being, as well as people and publications to tap for further guidance. It provides a ready resource for anyone who is trying to strengthen or revitalize the economy of a town, neighbourhood, or region. The entries are organized in terms of five topics:

  • Doing the Planning, Research, & Advocacy: Evolving a CEDO; Community-Wide Visioning; Strategic CED Planning; Government Liaison; Local Networking and Partnerships; National and Regional Alliance; Managing Consultants; Inventories of Businesses, Organizations, and Skills; Mapping Consumer Expenditures; Building Citizen Participation; Leadership Development Program.
  • Building Human Resources: Human Resource Planning; Life Skills Program; Literacy Education; Volunteering for Skills and Experience; Career Planning; Job Search; Job Placement; Mentoring; Tailored Training; Self-Employment Training and Support; Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment.
  • Retaining & Creating Jobs: Business Visitation/Mentoring; Early Warning System; Succession Planning; Worker Buy-Out; Business Incubator; Feasibility Studies Support; Business Planning Aid; Entrepreneur Network; Community-Owned Venture; Co-operative Employee Partnership; Joint Ventures; New Generation Co-operative; Nonprofit Enterprise; Recruiting Outside Firms; Women Entrepreneurship; Worker Ownership; Youth Entrepreneurship.
  • Addressing the Financial Gaps: Community Development Loan Fund; Community Equity Investment Fund; Community Foundation; Community Revolving Loan Fund; Comprehensive Finance Institution; Equity Match-Making; Individual Development Account; Loan Guarantee Program; Microenterprise Loan Fund; Program-Related Investment; Royalty-Based Financing.
  • Focussing on Special Sectors: Community Land Trust; Community Tourism; Cultural/Heritage Tourism; Energy Systems; Health Care Options; Local Exchange Trading System.


Two Appendices detail the application of community economic development in one small town and the process for creating a community economic development organization.

Perry, Stewart E.
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