Transition Towns & Trainers


Transition Towns in Canada have been emerging across the country since 2009, when Peterborough declared itself Canada’s first Transition Town, and CCCR sponsored the first training workshop. Transition Towns are engaging whole communities in efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and strengthen community resilience. From this page, you can:

  • Link to more information about Transition Towns and the global Transition Towns Movement.
  • Get details about the Training for Transition (T4T) Workshop and how to host this event in your community.
  • Contact CCCR with questions about transition training or to be connected with Transition Trainers or Towns in Canada.
  • Find out about upcoming training events, like John Croft's upcoming Dragon Dreaming workshops (in Penticton, B.C.), and events organized by Transition US.
  • Share information about Canadian transition projects and resources you have launched or created. Here's one now - the Transition Bus which Camille and Charlotte are driving around the continent in search of people who are making transition happen in their working lives and communities.
  • If you are a Transition Trainer and part of the Canadian Training Network please login at lower left to download additional resources.
  • CCCR's transition trainers are involved in transition initiatives in their own communities, so we bring a practical perspective to all our training. We also bring to it all CCCR's research and experience in the relocalization of economies. We have experience with many tools for strengthening local ownership, including integrated community planning, the use of benchmarks and indicators, assessing and strengthening community resilience, co-operatives and other types of social enterprise, and community-based finance.

Transition Trainers please login at lower left to download training materials.

Photo: the "Shuffle Bus" in Victoria, B.C. Courtesy of Ken Leslie.