The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal brings to the issues and challenges of community resilience and transition a quarter-century of publishing experience: editing, illustration, cartooning, design, and layout, as well as liaison with authors, printers, and photographers.

The transformation of community economies is a complex process. The responsibility for explaining how it is accomplished lies first and foremost not with professional journalists, but with the people who are trying to make that change happen.

CCCR is a specialist in making those stories public. We also know how to integrate them with a range of other resources – reports, research papers, videos, events - to create a deep, collective well of experience and insight from which communities can draw when contending with the repercussions of climate change and peak oil.

The ejournal i4 is one primary way to contribute to this "well." Its stories show how communities are meeting the four imperatives of the 21st Century: to Inspire, Innovate, Incite, and Invent ways of life and work that permit both humanity and the planet to thrive. i4 draws upon practitioner reports, research papers, and newsletter-style "gateways" to connect issues, authorities, and activists of critical importance to the future of communities: local and regional food and energy systems; affordable, environmentally-sound shelter; and finance and ownership strategies that increase local resilience.

i4 content is stored and indexed in the CCCR's Resource Centre for quick retrieval with other, related resources.

By way of example …

  • Making Waves was published by the CCCR for 20 years (1990-2010) to encourage a free and frank discussion of principles and practice among those who do community economic development and social economy. They were the readers and the writers of over 700 articles on the subjects of Capacity-Building, Training Design and Delivery, Enterprise Development, Applied Research, Community Engagement and Facilitation, and Policy and Program Analysis. It's a rich resource now publicly available at our Resource Centre.
  • Tools & Techniques for Community Recovery & Renewal is an encyclopaedia of over 60 specific methods that communities have used to enhance their economic and social well-being, as well as people and publications to tap for further guidance. It is a ready resource for citizens that are trying to strengthen or revitalize the economy of their town, neighbourhood, or region.

Go to our Resource Centre for hundreds of other publications.