Government Agencies

CCCR staff members have worked with governments and government agencies at the local, regional, and national levels as a means of making them partners in the development of community self-reliance and resilience.

  • In the Performance Measurement, Development Indicators, and Aboriginal Economic Development research project, CCCR drew together data from a variety of resources to assess federal policy and programs with respect to Aboriginal communities and recommend adherence to a rigorous, measurement system based on frameworks of results, indicators, and performance measures. This provocative report tracks the emergence of such a framework to date, and how to extend and accelerate its development system-wide. Find out more.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods, a policy paper commissioned by the Rural Secretariat of the Government of Canada for the National Rural Policy Framework. It is one of several policy-oriented papers written by CCCR at government request.
  • Advised the federal government of Canada on what became the Community Futures Program, a singularly successful experiment in community-based support for local entrepreneurship.
  • The Aboriginal Mining Guide was created in partnership with Tr'ondek Hwech'in and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor). The book and website help Aboriginal communities decide if they can gain lasting benefits from mining and explain how to acquire those benefits while reduce the impact of mining through well-negotiated Socio-Economic Participation Agreements and Joint Ventures. It includes five case studies, a bibliography, a glossary, and straightforward language, diagrams, and drawings throughout.