Engagement and Facilitation

CCCR is a specialist in convening and energizing combinations of stakeholders who together can undertake far more that they can singly. This process hinges not on diplomacy so much as on identification of a strategy or structure as well as the parties who are essential to its success, and will themselves benefit from that success. By rallying diverse organizations, communities, and agencies around these common causes CCCR has been able to play mid-wife to joint ventures, regional collaborations, and national networks.

By way of example …

  • On Vancouver Island, CCCR was the lead negotiator in the creation of MaMook-Coulson. This joint venture brought together five First Nations and several components of the Coulson Group of Companies in an agreement that involved Aboriginal participation in value-added wood manufacturing as well as other aspects of harvesting and engineering.
  • CCCR was a co-founder of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet), a national network of community economic development (CED) professionals, researchers, and activists that together have made great strides in influencing federal and provincial policy, in developing CED training programs, in undertaking research, and in connecting with the next generation of CED practitioners.
  • In Port Alberni, B.C., CCCR facilitated an Advisory Group regarding forest company certification among forest sector stakeholders. Participants moved from animosity to collaboration with each other and have maintained their ability to collectively influence forest management to this day. Find out more.

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