The Transition Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan

The purpose of Transition Towns is to build a community's awareness, knowledge, engagement, relationships, and tools such that it can complete a multi-sector, comprehensive Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) and have the capacity to implement it. Totnes, England published its EDAP in 2010. This document, "Transition in Action," presents ways for all residents to take part in building a future with far less fossil fuel, rather than sitting back to "take what comes."

"Transition in Action" is best described as a series of stories about food, energy, transportation, and the economy in Totnes and District in the past, today, and twenty years from now. It outlines the following components in the EDAP process, once the planning team and resources have been assembled: 1) Define the scope, gather resources, and research.; 2) Activities and Tools; 3) Ongoing community engagement; 4) Public Launch with speeches, art, theatre, and timeline introduced); 5) Public Workshops on the key themes for each sector; 6) Back-casting on key themes to develop "Pathways" to the future; 7) Drafting and public consultation; 8) Implementation.

To achieve most of the results specified in each Pathway on schedule will require significant resources over several years. Yet where those resources are to come from is unclear. "Transition In Action" is therefore less of an Energy Descent Action Plan than an Energy Descent Invitation: a remarkably explicit, exciting, and community-based vision that tells us exactly what is to come about, but not how or by whom.

Colussi, Michelle
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