The Transition Bus

Charlotte and Camille have taken to the road across North America in search of people who are making transition happen where they live. Their means of transport is their trademark: a school bus which the pair converted to mobile home functioning wholly on green technologies.

They left Montréal in the winter of 2011-12 and drove through New England to the Florida Keys. At every stop, they connected with innovators of social and economic ways of life who understand solidarity and sustainability to be fundamental to local prosperity. Having spent the summer editing and showing movies of that trip, they're on the road again. First stop: The Farm in Tennessee. Then it's on to Texas and California. They plan to reach British Columbia by summer 2013.

Follow them on their journey! They're posting a journal in French and English on the Transition Bus Website. You can keep track of their progress on Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo. There's also a monthy newsletter, the Transition Bus News, also in both official languages.