Training for Transition Workshop

CCCR offers a 2-day Training for Transition (T4T) Workshop to explain how to engage a whole community in change – for the better. The workshop provides participants with an introduction to the 12 ingredients of the Transition Town model, including how to engage everyone in a positive vision of the future, and the inner and outer aspects of transition.

To find out about upcoming T4T workshops and other Transition events, check out the Transition Towns news block at right. To find out about hosting a T4T Workshop, download the Information Package. To read a T4T workshop agenda, click here.

What participants say about the Training for Transition Workshop ...

"Wonderful opportunity to re-think and good to have the model for next steps."
City Planner
"Solid progression of concepts; loved the model and it’s adaptability to my situation."
"Great interactive workshop. I learned new tools I will use."
Eco NGO member