Training Trainers for Transition Course

A 4-day event, Training Trainers for Transition (T3) will deepen your understanding of the structure, processes, and tools used in the Training for Transition (T4T) Workshop. Time is also reserved for feedback between participants and tutors. Tutors conduct private interviews with each participant and come to an agreement about his/her next steps prior to delivering T4T. Participants may be asked to undertake additional training prior to their certification as a Transition Trainer.

Note: it is not possible to train people to be good facilitators in four days. To be selected for participation in the T3 Course, candidates must:

  • have attended the Training for Transition Workshop.
  • be involved in a Transition Initiative (or a similar effort to realize social and ecological change) or are willing to give leadership in starting one.
  • have extensive experience in training and facilitation.
  • are confident and capable when working with challenging group dynamics, especially while expanding the comfort zone of individuals or groups.

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