Terms & Conditions

All items identified as i4 or Making Waves articles, or as publications of the Centre for Community Enterprise, are copyright the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal. They may not be modified or copied in whole or in part, except for short passages for purposes of review, without permission from the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal.

Website visitors are entitled to 1 electronic copy and 1 hard (print) copy of any item from the CCCR Resource Centre. Electronic files may not be forwarded to other parties. If someone else wishes to have access to a document, that person must go to the CCCR Resource Centre to download it.

When printing multiple copies of Resource Centre items, a fee of $1/copy applies to articles and $8/copy applies to books. Phone 1-250-479-7794 or e-mail for permission and to arrange payment by purchase order or cheque. (We regret that payment by credit card is not available.)

The CCCR compiles Conference and Curricular Packages of its resources, tailoring the contents to the themes of events, workshops, and post-secondary courses. CCCR charges a $150 flat rate, plus $3 per item times the total number of registrants, for the following services:

  • selection and compilation of items
  • layout of the cover, table of contents, and introductory remarks
  • publication of a dedicated webpage for the package at communityrenewal.ca
  • any costs of printing, binding, and shipping