A Taste of the Future


To Equiterre, the rebuilding of the food system is fundamental to social justice. Through research, communications, political advocacy, and social entrepreneurship, Equiterre has been helping to carve out a market in Québec for local, organic, and community-supported food.

"Fundamental to this vision is sustainable development.What is it? Firstly, it is a matter of development in response to people's essential needs, among which drinking and eating must surely be the most basic. These are the ends of sustainable development. It is also development that treats capital or the economy as a means to achieve these needs, not as an end in itself. Finally, sustainable development is conditional on one factor - the environment.

".... if the government was as serious as it claims to be about the farmer's share of the food consumer's dollar, about reducing greenhouse gases, and about reducing the number of vehicles on the road, then it would fully and fairly recognize the importance of Équiterre's work in CSA."

Creating a local, organic, community-supported food system in Québec
Paré, Frédéric
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