Strengthening Yukon Local Food

This report by the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal outlines the elements of strategy for
strengthening the resilience of the local food system and the food security of Yukoners. To confront the problems of an oil-addicted food supply requires a values-added strategy that links fair price, ecological sustainability, a radical reduction in fossil fuel dependence, restructuring of distribution systems and collaborative, multistakeholder approaches to investment and market development.

Proactive consumers - the so-called "engaged eaters" - are already managing to obtain local, regional, and organic food. Many are building new opportunities from the grassroots up including farmers markets, buying clubs, a food co‐op and community gardens/greenhouses. A multi‐stakeholder co‐operative that aggregates and streamlines the import decisions of buying-clubs and improves market security for local food contractors may create the basis of an organized market. An online grocery, when combined with a depot type system or food pick up, could create a reasonably efficient distribution channel.

A Research Report
Zapisocky, Melissa
Lewis, Michael
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