Resources: Community-Based Equity

In 1990 the government of Saskatchewan instituted a guarantee program for a class of bonds to be issued by 'community bond corporations' for... July 01, 2011
Shorebank Corporation of Chicago specializes in financing community development. Ecotrust seeks to build livelihoods that are integral, rather than... June 30, 2011
Debt, manufactured by banks without the backing of real assets and inflated over time through compound interest, redirects the wealth created in the... June 25, 2012
The main activity of CBLDC is the finance and construction of affordable housing. But its charter allows it to engage in other community business... July 01, 2011
Summary:Year by year, exclusive forms of ownership concentrate wealth in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. Year by year, the public debt... June 25, 2012
What has labour-sponsored investment to offer an equity-starved community sector? Tom Croft and Sherman Kreiner explain how their organizations, the... July 02, 2011
How organizations structure and manage cashflows is in a state of upheaval, with dramatic implications for the way institutions - including community... June 30, 2011
SummarySangudo, Alberta used to have many things in common with other rural towns: retiring shop owners, boarded-up shops, youth exodus, and... November 03, 2011
How can Canada as a whole can begin to build the system and culture of community investment so prevalent in Québec and the U.S.A.? The first step is... April 19, 2013
In Nova Scotia, co-operatives, government, and thousands of private citizens have become involved in the mobilization of community capital. The Nova... March 29, 2011