Resources: Self-Employment

'Hotdog Stand Economics' is what the Youth Ventures Program is all about - and a good thing too. This dirt-cheap summer self-employment program, an... March 30, 2011
In addition to the technical skills required for self-employment, these procedures and resources must support people as they change their identity... March 30, 2011
Even if they have a thriving small business, women microentrepreneurs can find it very difficult to get even small amounts of credit from mainstream... February 15, 2011
The genius of the PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise lies in its ability to develop programs that channel public and charitable funds towards the... July 03, 2011
While many organizations have clear ideas about the businesses they are after, their experience and knowledge when it comes to starting and running... February 24, 2011
There are no gender differences in the processes of feasibility studies or market analyses. However, given patterns of male-dominated interaction,... March 30, 2011
Youth entrepreneur programs encourage participants to explore their motivations, opportunities, and skills and offer training in the basic tools of... March 30, 2011