Resources: Local Ownership

Get specific information about the number, type, location, and size of the businesses - formal and informal - in the locality. (One of over 60... March 30, 2011
Good practice is fine; better practice needs numbers. Mark Cabaj has two pieces of research to recommend for the evaluation of microenterprise... June 30, 2011
To breathe new life into the old co-operative concept, many farmers are turning to a corporate structure which infuses commodity processing with... June 30, 2011
Creative tension is no stranger to CED. We have something to learn from the business world, and we can do it without giving away the farm. July 01, 2011
Les baby-boomers qui se retirent de l'entreprise ont besoin d'une nouvelle approche à la planification successorale - une qui voit l'entreprise... February 21, 2011
Industrial recruitment is a standard practice of municipal and other governments, and commonly decried for its subjugation of local interests to... March 30, 2011
'Hotdog Stand Economics' is what the Youth Ventures Program is all about - and a good thing too. This dirt-cheap summer self-employment program, an... March 30, 2011
Les agriculteurs sont devenus à la fois des agents et des victimes des sociétés transnationales dans le cadre du démantèlement de la sécurité... February 17, 2011
To the dismay of some donors, an annual food drive in Winnipeg was reducing the sales revenue at shops in poor neighbourhoods. Annual generosity was... June 30, 2011
From a CED perspective, succession planning involves shaping the transfer of ownership and management of local businesses in such a way as to assure... March 30, 2011