Resources: Social Enterprise

The Centre for Social Innovation (215 Spadina, 4th Floor, Alterna Room, Toronto) is offering Pop-Up Labs to help participants to get a handle on…... July 25, 2012
"Why should we undertake social enterprise?" is a critical question asked by many nonprofits; less explored is its twin, "How?" A study of three... March 03, 2011
Many 21st century dilemmas will defy small-scale solutions. Here's a way to link construction training for youth@risk with national and local sources... March 03, 2011
The Demonstrating Value Initiative was launched two years ago to develop a performance assessment framework by and for social enterprise. Desired was... July 05, 2011
The Edmonton Recycling Society shows how economic activities can be environmentally sound, provide meaningful employment to people with disabilities... July 01, 2011
While training has always been an integral part of the HRDA strategy, business development has been its outstanding initiative. Its record of success... July 01, 2011
Since 2001, a small shop in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside has been serving 1000s of meals to some of the city's most sick and isolated residents,... March 03, 2011
The Learning Enrichment Foundation started its journey 20 years ago as a charity primarily concerned with cultural enrichment for inner-city children... June 30, 2011
Sure 'self-sufficiency' is possible - so long as your business has access to skilled staff, plenty of credit, and paying customers. But what if it's... June 30, 2011
SummaryInfrastructure is everything that enables a social enterprise day after day to blend business values with social values: community leadership... April 24, 2012