Resources: Social Enterprise

Community Ownership Solutions channels charitable funds into businesses that create quality jobs and management opportunities for low-income... March 22, 2011
The facilitating organization of flexible manufacturing networks concentrate on developing the market niche and market linkages for clients, rather... July 01, 2011
If you want to read one book before your board discusses launching a small business, make it 'The Nonprofit Entrepreneur.' Still in print after 12... July 01, 2011
Like any business, a nonprofit enterprise attends to the key issue of expenditure versus income, not in order to maximize profit, but to achieve... March 30, 2011
Dans un monde où dominent les grandes sociétés transnationales, les dés semblent pipés contre l'entreprise sociale des secteurs alimentaires. Voici... February 17, 2011
Preparing a community for social enterprise is a lot like making bread. You mix together what's in the local cupboards with some foreign ingredients... February 21, 2011
Creative tension is no stranger to CED. We have something to learn from the business world, and we can do it without giving away the farm. July 01, 2011
Les webinaires des mercredis d’automne, tout sur les entreprises sociales. 8 nouveaux webinaires pour seulement 70$ (ou 15$ par webinaire).Que vous... August 22, 2014
La Roue du développement montre une façon de rendre l'entreprise une partie intégrante (plutôt qu'additionnelle) au travail d'une organisation... February 21, 2011
Just how entrepreneurial can a nonprofit get? Pioneer exemplifies the integration of the enterprise spirit with services to assist the marginalized,... July 01, 2011