Resources: Social Enterprise

Groupe Convex is the nonprofit parent that acts as an umbrella over a growing network of social businesses in the United Counties of Prescott-Russell... February 25, 2011
To reconnect their way of life to a local food supply and to the land itself, young residents of a northern town are building an organic market... April 04, 2011
The Third National Gathering of Social Entrepreneurs in Seattle indicates the new level of sophistication and cross-national co-ordination now... April 04, 2011
An overview of social enterprise as well as links to additional resources, for board members, community groups, or clients. Contents: 1) What is a... July 05, 2011
Lemon & Allspice Cookery is sustained by faith, love, and skill - and by the Common Ground Co-operative, which lends form and system to the... April 04, 2011
Québec City and Montréal have a magnetic appeal to the young people of Portneuf Regional Municipality. Nothing new there. What is new is how the... April 04, 2011
As its "Kauai Fresh" food brand demonstrates, Kauai Food Bank Ohana is learning how to give its charitable activities an entrepreneurial edge.... February 17, 2011
Comme l'illustre sa marque alimentaire « Kauai Fresh », la Kauai Food Bank Ohana apprend comment insuffler à ses activités de bienfaisance un esprit... July 05, 2011
Notamment depuis le Sommet sur l'économie et l'emploi en 1996, l'ensemble des acteurs de l'économie sociale au Québec ont travaillé à la création d'... March 04, 2011
L'étude d'entreprises à vocation sociale féminines aux États-Unis révèle que leur viabilité repose en partie sur trois pratiques : elles s'adaptent à... July 05, 2011