Resources: Social Enterprise

SummaryAs a Not-for-Profit or Social Enterprise, are you looking for ways to mobilize capital, to diversify your sources of revenue and/or to raise... January 17, 2012
SummaryUnlike a private business, a nonprofit usually incurs expenses after it secures revenue. Without that revenue, even the best ideas can’t go... February 14, 2012
Especially since the 1996 Summit on the Economy and Employment, social economy players in Québec have worked to create and adapt financial tools to... March 04, 2011
FBNs may be as old as community itself. But global competition, high-speed communications, and niche marketing are making it a very strategic option... July 01, 2011
LifeCycles, a nonprofit dedicated to raise awareness and take action in issues of food, health, and urban sustainability in Victoria, has used CED... April 04, 2011
Résumé :Contrairement à une entreprise privée, une organisation sans but lucratif (OSBL) engage habituellement des dépenses après avoir obtenu des... February 15, 2012
As baby-boomers reach the age of retirement, over a trillion dollars in business assets will shortly change hands. Done right, this transfer could... March 04, 2011
This one-day workshop exploresthe range and scope of social enterprise in Canada, and the key factors that distinguish it from other forms of... February 22, 2011
Residents get a fairer shake and funders better feedback when beneficiaries of a community groups work are intimately involved in the design,... June 30, 2011
Five factors help community-based organizations gain access to debt and equity and use it to best advantage.A readiness to work with others. A... March 22, 2011