Resources: Social Enterprise

About one million Canadian households spend more than 10% of their income on energy costs. To resolve a problem of this scale takes big money, but... February 25, 2011
This manual supplies a thorough method for assessing social enterprise - what it might offer your community or organization, your readiness for it,... March 30, 2012
Launched in the early 1980s as a charitable response to hunger in Toronto, FoodShare has grown into a champion of community-led initiatives in food... February 17, 2011
Penny Lane Bargain Outlet has been a slam dunk, selling discount clothing and furniture to help finance programs and jobs for local young people. Yet... March 04, 2011
The co-ordinator of a street people's association wonders how business development fits into a CED strategy, when the planning is too convoluted for... July 02, 2011
An organization in Ottawa's Centretown offers access to affordable laundering and to life and business management skills. Can it do all this and make... April 04, 2011
Ce livre a pour but d'aider les personnes à  évaluer le niveau de préparation de leurs groupes ou organisations à entreprendre l'entreprise sociale... March 30, 2012
In Winnipeg, confiscated hydroponic equipment finds a second life in Growing Prospects, a business that helps at-risk youth get back on the rails and... July 02, 2011
The Development Wheel Project applied a best practice tool - the Development Wheel - to training, support, and network building in B.C. and... March 04, 2011
Reduced to a marketing ploy by many tour operators, "ecotourism" still has much to offer a region's resident population. In the mountains of Peru,... July 02, 2011