Resources: Food

To Equiterre, the rebuilding of the food system is fundamental to social justice. Through research, communications, political advocacy, and social... February 17, 2011
Consumers have spoken, and the answer is "no." Community-shared agriculture, certified labelling, and even farmers' markets barely register in... February 17, 2011
Lancée au début des années 1980 pour réagir à la faim à Toronto, FoodShare, une œuvre de bienfaisance, est devenue une championne des initiatives... July 05, 2011
A project of Food Secure Canada, Bits & Bytes gathers and disseminates innovative and effective practices in community food security. Its growing... February 16, 2011
In a world of giant transnational corporations, the deck appears stacked against social enterprise in the food sectors. Here are two tools that may... February 17, 2011
Launched in the early 1980s as a charitable response to hunger in Toronto, FoodShare has grown into a champion of community-led initiatives in food... February 17, 2011
"Market fragmentation" represents an enormous opportunity for social entrepreneurs in the food sectors. Each of the seven major trends in consumers'... February 17, 2011
This 2-page chart organizes the actions of Canada's civil society in terms of ten food issues (including financing, hunger, malnourishment, Peak Oil... February 17, 2011
Through a collaboration with Old Order Amish families, some Ontario citydwellers are discovering that better food and fellowship spin off from small-... July 02, 2011
If industrial agriculture is ever to be dislodged, its opponents must achieve a strategic vision that encompasses a vast range of issues. Labour... May 30, 2011