Policy and Program Analysis

Given the abundance of ideas there are about transition, and the urgency with which people want progress, we need to learn about what "works," what does not work, and how to make sure valuable resources are concentrated on the former rather than the latter. While local organizations often achieve real breakthroughs in pilot projects or demonstrations, they rarely get scaled up in order to affect the lives of not just of hundreds or thousands of citizens, but tens of thousands. Fragmented mandates, stovepipe delivery systems, turf protection - these system bottlenecks contribute to the cynicism, civic disengagement, and distrust that is so common in our society.

Through its expertise in policy and program analysis, CCCR contributes to identifying and advancing the tools, strategies, and structures that make transition happen and reversing the erosion of social capital from our communities and institutions.

By way of example …

  • In the Performance Measurement, Development Indicators, and Aboriginal Economic Development research project, CCCR drew together data from a variety of resources to assess federal policy and programs with respect to Aboriginal communities and recommend adherence to a rigorous, measurement system based on frameworks of results, indicators, and performance measures. This provocative report tracks the emergence of such a framework to date, and how to extend and accelerate its development system-wide. Find out more.
  • In CED Leadership Programs in B.C., CCCR carried out the research and documentation of community-based, non-accredited programs for strengthening skills, knowledge, and leadership in community economic development in British Columbia, including their curriculum, management, and delivery. CCCR also facilitated a forum among stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration.
  • Sustainable Livelihoods, a policy paper commissioned by the Rural Secretariat of the Government of Canada for the National Rural Policy Framework. It is one of several policy-oriented papers written by CCCR at government request.

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