The Insiders Guides to Community Renewal

The Insiders' Guides (IGs) are a series of 4-page cartoons that make mainstream some concepts and tools critical to community renewal. Developed with the assistance of a number of community economic development practitioners across the country, Insiders Guides use illustration and a straightforward text to be both informative and fun:

1. The Root of the Matter (français)

Community economic development challenges economic decisions made without regard to social relationships and the natural environment. IG #1 is a glimpse into the history of that (recent) divergence of economy from people and the planet and the ideas that drive it. Must we go on like this? Can we?

2. What's Up, Doc? (français)

Why is it that some communities are going bust, while others are booming? Here is a look the five economic "treatments" commonly prescribed for distressed communities. Each has its points, but all function far better within a more comprehensive, far-reaching understanding of community and economy.

3. Play Ball! (français)

For a community to thrive, 10 tasks are essential. Like the positions on a ball team, each needs to be carried out with skill, oomph, and in close co-ordination with the rest. That's why comprehensive, community-based planning and action are critical when towns and neighbourhoods deteriorate.

4. Lost in Space

Affluence and size are not the targets of the creative, inclusive, and sustainable community. Rather, it aims for diverse, locally-controlled resources and organizations, visionary leadership, systematic planning, and a culture of co-operation and mutual assistance.

We acknowledge VanCity Community Foundation and the Canada Magazine Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage for their generous support of the Insiders' Guides to Community Renewal.

Merci à l'Association des Francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario (AFNOO) et à la Société d'aide au développement de la collectivité de Supérieur Nord, les guides no 1 - 3 sont aussi disponibles en français.

McNair, Don
Lewis, Michael, LePage, David, et al
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