Human Resource Planning


Critical to any strategy of community renewal is the preparation of the themselves – their skills, attitudes, and self-concept – for the change that is to take place. Systems, technology, programs, and funds are important. Still, without local people competent to manage them (or learning how), a community changes merely on the “outside” and not the “inside.” Human resource development is vital to a community's efforts to grow or recover.

Working from this principle, Human Resource Planning shows how to make the connection between local human resources and community plans for social and economic change. The authors, two veteran training consultants, provide tools for assessing the current state of community skills and human resource needs. They show how to design and draft a human resource strategy that integrates local economic initiatives with skill development among among community members. They also offer guidance for the implementation of the strategy and the evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses.

Illustrations, diagrams, case studies, and a glossary help to make this a how-to resource book for development planning that puts people front and center on its agenda. Highly recommended for community planners, leaders, and social and economic development staff.

Getting People Ready, Willing, & Able to Revitalize Their Community
Frank, Flo
Smith, Anne
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