Health Co-Ops & The Future Of Medicare


Might health care co-ops be another way to erode Medicare? Just the opposite. By enabling citizens to get out and close local gaps in the delivery of publicly-insured services, co-ops make Medicare work better. They reduce the disparities in health service that the state cannot and that private business will not address.

"Co-operatives in the health care sector are not a panacea to all our health care needs. We will also continue to need public hospitals with state-of-the-art technology and resources, and other forms of health care delivery. Can co-ops overcome the doubts and misunderstandings mentioned above? Much depends on what the co-operative movement does to take advantage of today's circumstances, which on paper are very favourable to co-op health development. At a time when many citizens are demanding that the health care system be locally accountable , adaptable to their needs, and strategic in the use of resources, the health care co-operative offers a real and exciting alternative."

Anderson, John
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