Growing Hope

In the last 50 years Canada's food system has come to be all about efficiency, quantity, and economy - not health, employment, environment, and self-reliance. The response of our communities to this threat, while admirable, is wholly unequal to its magnitude. Growing Hope invites you to identify the real issues, the real opportunities, the real difficulties - and to start building a real food system. (We regret that print copies of this publication are no longer available.)

The following resources are also of importance to this theme.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian CED Network for this Special Edition, as well as the guest editors Sandra Mark and Frank Moreland, principals of Edible Strategies Enterprises Ltd. (Fanny Bay, B.C.), a consultancy specializing in the application of community economic development to issues of local food sustainability.

A Special Edition of Making Waves magazine
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