Getting Started in Social Enterprise

This one-day workshop explores

  • the range and scope of social enterprise in Canada, and the key factors that distinguish it from other forms of enterprise
  • the entrepreneurial values of your group or organization.
  • your readiness for social enterprise (or what you need to do to get ready).
  • the key issues and steps involved in the development of a social enterprise.

The social enterprise manual Building Community Wealth is the main resource for this event. Its Social Enterprise Checklist covers over 60 key tasks and decisions in order to assess the readiness of a nonprofit for social enterprise and to commence the planning process. Participants will end the day able to identify if they are ready, what steps they need to take, and who might assist them.

This workshop is designed for

  • non-profit organizations looking to bring an entrepreneurial edge to their operations
  • community organizations that want to address gaps in local healthcare, daycare, or other social services
  • citizens who wish to increase the community's self-reliance
  • businesspeople who want to increase co-operation or benefits within your sector
  • anybody already involved in social enterprise but wanting to become more effective

Note: groups or organizations are encouraged to include key decision-makers and champions among the representatives they send to this workshop.

Some Participant Comments ...

“I have been through many different sessions where social enterprise is being talked about and still felt vague about what it was. After this workshop I am very clear and feel confident I can help others understand what it is and why it is important.”

“This workshop really was very relevant to our making a decision as to whether we go forward or not.”

“I have a very clear sense of the stages and tasks through which we must work to attain our goals. Invaluable!”

“As a promoter and developer, I will be able to use these tools with many groups that I work with. They will help me save time and work smarter.”