Financing for Social Enterprises and the Community Sector

Especially since the 1996 Summit on the Economy and Employment, social economy players in Québec have worked to create and adapt financial tools to assist social enterprise.

In 2007, the Chantier de l'économie sociale (Montréal) and six partner organizations, with the assistance of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, worked together to tap Québec's expertise for the benefit of the rest of Canada. This project, "Financing for Social Enterprises and the Community Sector: Transferring the Lessons of a Decade of Innovation in Québec" was completed early in 2009. It presents a process through which financial officers, analysts, activists, consultants, and fund managers can make a more thorough understanding of these enterprises the basis for investment decisions.

It comprises three trainer's workbooks and two participant's workbooks.

  • The Québec Social Economy Experience: An overview of the Québec experience in the social economy and financing of social/community enterprises, including nonprofits and co-operatives, compared to other parts of Canada. Trainer's Workbook.
  • Social Enterprises' Analytical Model: How to establish a profile to make an investment decision and assist in the development of a project, taking into consideration all the special features of a social enterprise. Participant's Workbook. Trainer's Workbook.
  • Financial Analysis of a Social Enterprise: How to restructure the financial statements of a social enterprise in order to increase its chances of success and improve access to financing. Participant's Workbook. Trainer's Workbook.

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Transferring the Lessons of a Decade of Innovation in Québec
Chantier de l'économie sociale
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