Social Enterprises

Having personally started and managed many social enterprises (including co-operatives) CCCR staff can bring to the design and development of social enterprise both sound business skills and a solid grounding in the values and perspectives of community-based, nonprofit organizations.

  • In 2006-2008 the CCCR carried out the Development Wheel Project. It identified the training, capacity building, and strategic networking required by social enterprise developers and created a tool for tracking and evaluating social enterprise start-ups systematically.
  • Building Community Wealth is one of many resources generated by the Development Wheel project. This manual includes a checklist of tasks and other exercises to help your organization plan a social enterprise. Getting Started in Social Enterprise Workshop is a 1-day event in which organizations use those exercises to assess their readiness to get started in social enterprise.
  • CCCR played a key role in designing and writing the On-line Training Program in Co-op Management of the Conseil cooperative de l'Ontario. This Téléapprentissage (currently available in French only) offers 100 hours of training in four modules: 1) an overview of the co-operative sector, its principles and principal players, 2) co-operative laws and regulations in Ontario, 3) co-operative financial management, and 4) co-operative governance.
  • Edited the second edition of the Canadian Social Enterprise Guide (2010) for Enterprising Non-profits.

Photo courtesy of Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative, Edmonton.