• In the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Winnipeg, CCCR engaged diverse stakeholders for two years, from visioning and organizing to building and implementing strategies of community economic development. As a result, the North End Community Renewal Corporation has been able to bring about real improvements in the lives of residents and the vitality of local businesses. Find out more.
  • In the Yukon, CCCR is carrying out a 3-year process of organizational development with the Teslin Tlingit Council, a self-governing First Nation. The result: a 5-year integrated strategic plan and budget, and measures for tracking progress. In addition, Teslin has greater capacity in governance and management to shape and direct change.
  • Within the Ontario communities of Windsor, Essex-Kent, Oshawa, and Kingston CCCR supervised three 5-year processes of community economic planning. They included diagnostics, public consultation, training, and the identification of vision, mission, strategic objectives, and action plans.
  • On the basis of proven strategies of local revitalization, the CCCR developed a model of community resilience. It expresses in terms of 23 resilience characteristics a community's capacity to shape its own ways of life and work. CCCR also designed and field-tested a process by which small towns could apply this model to assess local resilience, and then focus economic and social planning accordingly. The Community Resilience Manual publishes the results of this research, including a complete set of worksheets and schedules for community data collection and workshops.

The Community Resilience Model framed things differently for us. The way the questions were asked and the way the data was presented triggered discussion that did not happen before. It showed us that we could have stronger communities by addressing the characteristics of resilience and taking a more holistic approach to community economic development. (Nadina Community Futures, Houston, B.C.)

Photo: Main Street, Hearst, Ontario. Courtesy of J. Blais.