Development Wheel Workshop

This 4-day event can assist the efforts of a wide variety of Aboriginal organizations to become more effective in their community economic development (CED) planning. It will help you understand:

  • where to start
  • the strengths and weaknesses you bring to CED planning
  • what you need to plan for, but have yet to consider
  • the key steps in CED planning
  • how to complete a 1-year operational plan

Workshop participants first use CED principles to draw up an operational plan for "Keenan Falls," a hypotheical First Nation applying for federal economic development funding. This extended simulation exercise prepares participants for a second, still more practical learning experience: the application of these new skills and concepts to plans for their own communities.

Based on The Development Wheel Workbook, this workshop can assist First Nations, Tribal Counfills, commnity development corporations, Aboriginal capital corporations, and technical assistance providers in the private and public sectors.

Contact CCCR for more information.