The Development Wheel


"Community Economic Development (CED) sounds great in theory, but what can it do for us in the Here and Now?" This workbook, and the 4-day Development Wheel Workshop it supports, answer that question with an opportunity to learn the basics of the CED approach to economic renewal, and then to apply them in a detailed simulation exercise.

After an introduction to the principles of CED, data and instructions are provided for a simulation exercise in which readers define and integrate steps in organizational development, venture development, strategic networking, and community participation. Checklists permit a simple, but systematic assessment and comparison of constituencies, organizational performance, and the development proposals of outside consultants.

In the workshop setting or as a tool for self-assessment, this publication can serve Aboriginal communities, tribal councils, development corporations, and any community-based organization that needs to determine where it stands in the CED process.

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(NOTE: this book does not apply the Development Wheel to social enterprise. For that subject, consult Building Community Wealth or Créer de la richesse communautaire.)

A Workbook to Guide Community Analysis and Planning
Lewis, Michael
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