Development Corporation Basics Workshop

There are many basic issues for Aboriginal leaders to consider when planning the formation of a development corporation. Failure to consider these issues lies at the heart of several difficulties being experienced by many development corporations across the country.

  • How do we decide if we need a development corporation?
  • What research and planning must we do before we establish one?
  • What is the role of the Aboriginal government in the formation and management of a development corporation? How can this relationship be managed to the community's benefit?
  • What needs to be considered when staffing a development corporation and appointing its board?
  • How does the development corporation ensure community support for its venture selections?
  • How much money should it take to establish a corporation? How long should it take for a corporation to become self-supporting?

This 3-day workshop, based heavily on The Development Corporation Basics Workbook, introduces tools and knowledge fundamental to 1) the planning and decision-making associated with establishing a community-based development corporation in Aboriginal communities; and 2) identifying policy and organizational issues that are hampering the performance of existing development corporations.

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