Development Corporation Basics


To revitalize depressed communities, local people must build the capacity to organize and manage economic development in their own interests. To focus and manage such a strategy there has to be some kind of organization. The Community-based Development Corporation (CDC) was invented by the leadership of poor communities to spearhead local efforts to achieve greater economic self-reliance and political self-determination.

The Development Corporation Basics Workbook presents a detailed introduction to the CDC and the role it may be able to play within a community economic development strategy. With the assistance of checklists, illustrations, charts, and learning exercises, readers undertake the decision-making that the establishment of a CDC involves 1) deciding if a development corporation is needed, 2) defining it, and 3) getting it underway. In the process, learners also come to grips with tools and principles of community economic development, community analysis, and strategic and operational planning.

Although specifically addressed to the members of First Nations, the material in this publication will be of interest to many others working with community-based development institutions.

A Workbook
Lewis, Michael
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