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Our tent just keeps getting bigger, as anybody who attended the 2006 National Conference on CED and Social Economy in March will testify. What's worrisome are the people who were invited but didn't show. They are distinguishable not by gender, or sector, or ethnicity, but by the great length and depth of their CED experience.

"Especially in this phase of rapid expansion of our organization, we have to be wary of a conference menu that allocates plenty of time to introductory workshops, but not enough to intermediate and senior levels of skill so that those practitioners will feel attendance is a must.

"Without young blood we're in a fix; but without old blood, we're in another fix. It is from the blending of Old Hands with New Hands, just like easterners with westerners, Francophones with Anglophones, rural with urban, and Aboriginal with Newcomer - in workshops, plenaries, over lunch, and on the dance floor - that we derive a capacity and clout far beyond what our numbers would suggest."

Proceedings of the 2006 National Conference on CED and the Social Economy
Perry, Stewart
McNair, Don
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