A Blueprint for Transformation


The report of New Brunswick's Community Non-Profit Task Force created few headlines when it was released last September. Unlike other task forces, it had not "cherrypicked" evidence to confirm foregone conclusions. The report was embraced by the nonprofit sector because it truly came from that sector.

Based on an 8-month consultation process, the report, "Blueprint for Action: Building a Foundation for Self-Sufficiency," spells out four key recommendations of the nonprofit sector for the tools it needs to build a true partnership with government: stabilization of funding, respect for the value of the work of non-profits, support for a culture of volunteering, and a revitalization of the relationship between the government and community organizations.

But recommendations only have practical value if a mechanism exists to implement them. Therefore, the Task Force recommended the immediate establishment of an agency to link the members of nonprofit sector to one another and with the government and other sectors. It will act as the voice of the sector at the highest levels of policy-making, with the resources to support community organizations in developing authentic intra- and intersectoral partnerships.

Stabilizing and strengthening New Brunswick's nonprofit sector
Rickards, Sue
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