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Welcome to the new website of the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal! 

Two years in the making, it is key to CCCR’s mission – to craft solutions and adaptations to the critical challenges facing communities here in Canada and around the world, due to the repercussions of climate change and peak oil.

A major purpose of the site is to serve as homebase for the ejournal i4 that we launched last September. i4 has four tasks before it, each starting with an “i” (thus the name) …

To Inspire
The risks to people and planet are growing. Thankfully, so too are the signs of “Blessed Unrest’.” With the help of thinkers and activists, visionaries and builders, from different corners of the globe, we see our job as one of distilling and discerning how hope is being made more concrete and despair less convincing. You will see all of that in the i4 article The Transition Totnes Energy Descent Action Plan.”

To Innovate
What is working? What is not? How does awareness of the nature scope of the challenges we face help us slash through the ideological undergrowth that keeps us from discerning promising pathways forward? In the age of climate change and ever rising oil prices, we must leverage promising practice and policy to reweave our economic life on a more local and regional basis. Have a look at the i4 article Build to see how that is happening.

To Invent
Some of the challenges we face are with out precedent in human history. Invention of new ways of thinking, organizing and producing is of central importance. Check out the latest i4 releases, A Co-operative Idea for the 21st Century and Une vision à très long terme, for examples.

To Incite
“Blessed Unrest” is not enough! We cannot be naïve about what it takes to drive change. Across the globe movements for change are demanding a more just and a more sustainable relations with each other and the planet. i4 is particularly interested in how such efforts are brought to scale, federated and sustained over time. For treatment of some of those issues in terms of the food sector, see Scaling Up Local Food.

i4 is a partnership. Our aim is to enlist a wide range of writers and networks that will extend the reach of our collective investment to inspire, innovate, invent and incite.

Let’s make it happen, shall we? Click here to see how we work together on i4.

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