CCCR is committed to crafting solutions and adaptations to the critical challenges stemming from climate change and peak oil. Our priority is working with communities to increase their resilience, especially their capacity to equitably meet their needs for food, energy, finance, and shelter. Employing a wide range of organizing, planning and enterprise ownership formats, CCCR emphasizes strengthening the self-reliance of local and regional economies as a key task of transition.

Forming the foundation for our pursuit of this mission are over 30 years of experience as researchers, planners, organizers, technical consultants, curriculum designers, trainers, and publishers in community economic development and social economy.

What clients and partners say about us ...

“I always saw CCCR as a think tank, a place where innovative research is happening, new models explored and promoted, and agitator around significant public policy.”

“The strength of CCCR has been at looking at core challenges and how those issues can be examined and be confronted in communities. Many progressive organizations are going to be looking not just to develop best practices but innovative practices. CCCR is one of few organizations in the country that does this well.”

“CCCR has a rare depth of understanding, pride in doing things well for ourselves and the communities.”

“CCCR roots its activities in the realities of the communities where they do work. It is not rigidly dogmatic. There is a suite of values that guides its works, but it is not opposed to working with all kinds of partners.”

“CCCR has a level of knowledge and experience that have few matches. Their knowledge of the content of what needs to be done, their capacity to turn things around in a very short time frame is impressive.”